The Computer Science Program has the following computer resources available to students.

CMPS Laboratory Classroom

The CMPS Laboratory Classroom includes 46 networked client machines running both Microsoft Windows and Linux, and is supported by multiple file servers. This lab is configured to be usable for closed lab activities, i.e., activities in which the instructor and the students are engaged in collaborative problem solving and software development and for independent student use. Software development is supported in Java ME, SE and EE, Gnu C++, Python all current Microsoft .net languages, plus other languages such as PHP and Perl. Additional software for student use includes standard office software, such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.  The lab is located in room 106 in Oliver Hall. Hours are posted outside the lab.

Video Game Design & Development Lab (VGDD Lab)

The VGDD lab is located in room 105 of Oliver Hall. It contains 20 XPS Gen 5 Dell machines with a wide variety of gaming related software. The lab is used for classes and student projects related to the Video Game Design & Development concentration. Access and user accounts are restricted.

Motion Capture Lab

The motion capture lab is located in room 105 of Oliver Hall.  It consists of eight video cameras and the additional hardware and software to capture live motion data for use in the Video Design and Development concentration. This lab is one of only a few its kind in the country dedicated to undergraduate students.