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Raspberry Pi Based Robot
121PiRobot.zip (619 MB)

Course Pages
CMPS 260 (C++/Unix)
CMPS 358 (.net/C# Programming)
CMPS 360 (Java)
CMPS 455 (Nachos)

Gnu Makefile Tutorial

System Administrator
Frank Ducrest


Software: Python 3
Installing Python 3 (updated 8/15/14)
Installing gedit (optional)(updated 8/15/14)

Software: Classic Shell, Gnu C++ and NetBeans
Gnu C++ and NetBeans on Linux
      Linux README (updated 8/15/14)
Gnu C++ and NetBeans on Windows
      Classic Shell for Windows 8
      All Windows Users Read This First!
      Windows Gnu and NetBeans Download 340MB (updated 8/16/15)
C++ and NetBeans on OSX
      OSX Installation Instructions (updated 8/14/14)
Help for C++ with NetBeans:
      Known Gnu C++ Issues (updated 1/1/14)
      Moving NetBeans Projects
      FAQs for NetBeans with Gnu C++ (updated 12/15/12)
      Using the NetBeans Debugger with C++

Software: for Linux
Installing Software on Linux

Cygwin based Webaid
cygwinwebaid.zip (450 MB)

Redhat Linux
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